May 2nd - 4th, 2018

Paris, France


Who else is coming » Sylvie C. Bleker-van Eyk

Free University of Amsterdam

During her career, Prof. Dr. Sylvie C. Bleker-van Eyk has worked in both the financial and the non-financial sector. She is an expert on Anti-bribery and corruption, export controls, crisis management, extraterritorial jurisdiction. She has direct experience with negotiation with US authorities (OFAC, BIS, DDTC, DoJ). Prof. Dr. Sylvie C. Bleker-van Eyk worked in Germany to lead the compliance team during the IPO of a merchant & retail bank. She also worked for a year and a half in Lithuania at Mazeikui Nafta, the Yukos refinery. In Moscow, she has trained 8 Russian multinationals that were listed on US Stock Exchanges with regard to SO and FCPA. She has worked on export controls and personally led the negotiations with the DoJ. In the Netherlands, she has built the reputation of corporate troubleshooter. Companies and/or national authorities request her services when a crisis occurs and swift action is necessary.

Prof. Dr. Sylvie C. Bleker-van Eyk founded the Dutch Chapter of Transparency International in 1999, served as the vice-chairwoman of the Dutch Investigative Board on Governmental Integrity until 2013, and chaired the Dutch Investigative Board on Corporate Integrity, as well as the Dutch NEN working group on the ISO 19600 Compliance norm.

Currently, a Professor and program director of postgraduate education in Compliance & Integrity Management at the Free University of Amsterdam, Prof. Dr. Sylvie C. Bleker-van Eyk is also a Director in the Enterprise Risk Services (ERS) practice of Deloitte Netherlands. 

Prof. Dr. Sylvie C. Bleker-van Eyk holds a degree in International Law (economic, social and public international law) and in Dutch Constitutional law, as well as a PH.D. OECD Declaration & Decisions on Multinational Enterprises. She is fluent in English, French, Dutch, and German.

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